Shekhawati everyday scenes

Rajasthan..colourful Rajasthan Rajasthan is known for its colour, specially the women who wear the bold reds and yellows as a daily wear. Men use colour in the safas, while the dress is mostly white This is called a food locker. Grain is stored in this and locked for future use Forgotten Bhagwans..forsaken in a corner to gather dust 😢 The colourful market where Bandhini saris and dupattas are to be found Interestingly decorated rickshaws for tourists – Bollywood is always the big attraction Retirement means spending time with old friends, outside an ancient mandir in the main market place A … Continue reading Shekhawati everyday scenes

Shekhawati walk-view of Havelis

When walking around the towns of Shekhawati, one realises the enormous number of Havelis spread on the streets. Some have been preserved, majority are dying due to neglect, few have been repainted and destroyed, some taken over and turned into shops The amazing thing is they are all lying open on the streets. There are no boundary walls as such and I have also just walked into many of them. Also being associated with Koolwal Kothi and Haveli, all welcome in their homes and are very courteous. I’ve been able to enter the inner quarters with the women of the … Continue reading Shekhawati walk-view of Havelis